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Course Details 
Host Campus: UT El Paso
Course Program: Finish@UT
Program Cross-Listings: Multidisciplinary Studies (BMS)
Course Code: HUMN 3303
Course Title: Challenges of Modern Culture (Finish@UT)
Course Full Description: The purpose of this course is to examine the complexity and diversity of the many extensions of World Culture through the survey of four major revolutions that were instrumental in shaping the modern world from about 1600 to the present. These include the scientific, the social, the industrial and the artistic.
Prerequisites: This course is reserved for students enrolled in the Finish@UT or UTEP BMS programs. ENGL 1312 Research and Critical Writing or ENGL 1313 Writing About Literature or ESOL 1312 Research and Critical Writing for Speakers of ESL or its equivalent with a grade of C or better.
Course Status: Active
Course Level: Undergraduate (Upper-Division)
Credits: 3

Course Section Details 
Host Campus: UT El Paso
Campus Semester: Fall II 2017 (7 wk)
Section: 12109
Section Notes: Closed 8/9/17
Section Status: Full

Associated Users
RoleNameCurriculum Vitae
FacultyRobert WrenView Faculty CV

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