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Host CampusCourse CodeTitleCourse LevelProgram
UT ArlingtonBIOL 1333Discovering Biology: Molecules, Cells and DiseaseUndergraduate (Lower-Division)GenEd
UT ArlingtonBIOL 1334Life on Earth: Evolution, Ecology and Global ChangeUndergraduate (Lower-Division)GenEd
UT ArlingtonCOMM 2311Writing for Mass Media (Finish@UT)Undergraduate (Lower-Division)Finish@UT
UT ArlingtonCOMM 3310Communication Law and Ethics (Finish@UT)Undergraduate (Upper-Division)Finish@UT
UT ArlingtonCOMS 1302Voice and Diction (Finish@UT)Undergraduate (Lower-Division)Finish@UT
UT ArlingtonCRCJ 2334Introduction to the Criminal Justice SystemUndergraduate (Lower-Division)Criminal Justice (CCJO)
UT ArlingtonCRCJ 3310Professional Writing for CRCJ MajorsUndergraduate (Upper-Division)Criminal Justice (CCJO)
UT ArlingtonCRCJ 3350Introduction to Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal JusticeUndergraduate (Upper-Division)Criminal Justice (CCJO)
UT ArlingtonCRCJ 3380Race, Crime, and JusticeUndergraduate (Upper-Division)Criminal Justice (CCJO)
UT ArlingtonCRCJ 3380Race, Crime, and Justice (Finish@UT)Undergraduate (Upper-Division)Finish@UT
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