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Course Details 
Host Campus: UT Permian Basin
Course Program: English (MA)
Course Code: ENGL 6359
Course Title: Special Studies in Literature: Children's Literature
Course Full Description: The study of children’s literature often falls into the category of education, where students are taught how to teach reading to children. However, the aim of this course is to extract the genre from this field and attempt to place it in the literary canon by surveying its textual history. Until the latter half of the twentieth century, many academics failed to recognize the literary merits of a significant canon of literature. Therefore, the intent of this course is to survey the works of major importance in the history of children’s literature in England and in North America from 1740s to present. We will analyze these works mainly from a historical perspective (though psychological and sociological discussions often ensue with these works!), formulating theories of how childhood and children’s literature has evolved over the course of 300 years. In addition, we will review the scholarship associated with the study of children’s literature and incorporate it in independent literary research, presenting and defending our research, determining how and where children’s literature “fits” into the existing literary cannon and how censorship or adult revisions affect the reception of the genre. Finally, I wish for you to enjoy the class and a subject with which, I hope, many of you have a personal connection. As a graduate level course, History of Children’s Literature aims to train students to work with the materials of literature with scholarly competence and maturity; to provide students with a knowledge of major periods, movements, and genres in British and American literature; to enhance students’ awareness of the cultural contexts of theoretical and literary works; to provide rhetorical skills in preparation for such professions as teaching, law, publishing and public relations; and to empower students by motivating them to increase the knowledge of their field by their own contribution of original work.
Course Status: Active
Course Level: Graduate
Credits: 3