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Course Details 
Host Campus: UT El Paso
Course Program: Finish@UT
Program Cross-Listings: Multidisciplinary Studies (BMS)
Course Code: PHIL 1301
Course Title: Introduction to Philosophy (Finish@UT)
Course Full Description: This course introduces students to some of the major issues in philosophy. The ideas, eras, and important philosophers will be examined. The traditional categories of reality, knowledge, values, and meaning will be the focus, though recent and comparative areas may be included. The development of the student's critical thinking skills is the major objective of this course.
Prerequisites: This course is reserved for students enrolled in the Finish@UT or UTEP BMS programs.
Course Status: Active
Course Level: Undergraduate (Lower-Division)
Texas Common Course Number: PHIL 1301
Credits: 3

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Course Sections
Campus SemesterSectionStatusView
Spring I 2019 (7wk)27333FullReg Closed
Fall I 2018 (7 wk)14175FullReg Closed
Spring I 2018 (7 wk)21056FullReg Closed
Fall I 2017 (7 wk)11312FullReg Closed
Spring I 2017 (7wk)24896FullReg Closed
Fall I 2016 (7 wk)15202FullReg Closed
Spring I 2016 (7 wk)25488FullReg Closed
Fall I 2015 (7 wk)15928FullReg Closed
Spring I 2015 (7 wk)26690FullReg Closed
Fall I 2014 (7 wk)16791FullReg Closed
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