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Course Details 
Host Campus: UT El Paso
Course Program: Finish@UT
Program Cross-Listings: Multidisciplinary Studies (BMS)
Course Code: HSCI 3301
Course Title: Community Health (Finish@UT)
Course Full Description: Study of international, national, state, and local health problems and the governmental and voluntary health agencies which deal with these problems. Incidence and prevalence of specific community health problems and diseases; solutions suggested through coordinated efforts of school, health, and welfare organizations. Field work may be required.
Prerequisites: This course is reserved for students enrolled in the Finish@UT or UTEP BMS programs.
Course Status: Active
Course Level: Undergraduate (Upper-Division)
Credits: 3

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Course Sections
Campus SemesterSectionStatusView
Fall 201915937,16692Active
Summer Long 201932623FullReg Closed
Spring 201921035FullReg Closed
Fall 201816483, 17521FullReg Closed
Summer Long 201832787FullReg Closed
Spring 201821085FullReg Closed
Fall 201717388FullReg Closed
Summer Long 201732959FullReg Closed
Spring 201727909FullReg Closed
Fall 201614052FullReg Closed
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