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Course Details 
Host Campus: UT Arlington
Course Program: GenEd
Course Code: BIOL 1334
Course Title: Life on Earth: Evolution, Ecology and Global Change
Course Full Description: Scientific literacy is crucial for understanding the natural world and our relationship to it. In this lecture and lab course, non-science majors will learn about biologically-based problems facing today's society. Course themes include evolution, antibiotic resistance, genetic diversity, animal and bacterial and plant diversity, ecosystems, ecology and global change. This course will satisfy the laboratory science requirements for students in the UT Arlington Colleges of Liberal Arts and Business Administration, and in the School of Social Work. Formerly listed as BIOL 1434, credit will not be given for both.
Course Status: Active
Course Level: Undergraduate (Lower-Division)
Texas Common Course Number: BIOL 1309
Credits: 3

Entity Notes
Replaced in Spring 2019 with BIOL 1334 Lecture (3hrs) and BIOL 1334 Laboratory (0hr)

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Course Sections
Campus SemesterSectionStatusView
Fall 2018FallActiveReg Closed
Summer Long 2018 (11 wk)SummerActiveReg Closed
Spring 201825401, 25403, 25405ActiveReg Closed
Fall 201785628, 85630, 85632ActiveReg Closed
Summer Long 201752945, 52947, 52949ActiveReg Closed
Spring 201726145, 26147, 26149ActiveReg Closed
Fall 201686098, 86100ActiveReg Closed
Summer Long 201653443, 53445, 53447ActiveReg Closed
Spring 2016SP16ActiveReg Closed
Fall 201586760, 86762, 86764ActiveReg Closed