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Course Details 
Host Campus: UT Arlington
Course Program: Finish@UT
Course Code: SOCI 3334
Course Title: Sociology of Gender (Finish@UT)
Course Full Description: Theories of gender role socialization and change in female and male roles. Impact of biology, psychology, and socialization on gender role development. How we learn gender in various social contexts including the family, education, and the peer group.
Prerequisites: This course is reserved for students enrolled in the Finish@UT program. Must have completed 60 credits and the General Education Core requirements.
Course Status: Active
Course Level: Undergraduate (Upper-Division)
Credits: 3

Entity Notes
Title change beginning FA15
Beginning with the Fall 2015 semester, the title of this course changed from "Gender Roles" to "Sociology of Gender."

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Course Sections
Campus SemesterSectionStatusView
Fall 2018 (15 wk)82856ActiveReg Closed
Spring 2018 (15 wk)23055ActiveReg Closed
Fall 2017 (15 wk)83300ActiveReg Closed
Spring 2017 (15 wk)23392ActiveReg Closed
Fall 2016 (15 wk)83505ActiveReg Closed
Spring I 2016 (8 wk)30521ActiveReg Closed
Fall I 2015 (8 wk)83755ActiveReg Closed
Spring I 2015 (8 wk)24110ActiveReg Closed
Fall I 2014 (8 wk)84164ActiveReg Closed
Summer Long 2014 (8 wk)52426ActiveReg Closed
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