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Course Details 
Host Campus: UT Arlington
Course Program: Finish@UT
Course Code: SCIE 3304
Course Title: Astronomy (Finish@UT)
Course Full Description: Topics include the evolution of the universe, properties of light and the life cycle of stars, galaxies, and apparent motions and characteristics of the solar system. This course is designed to meet the needs of students seeking to become elementary or middle school science teachers.
Prerequisites: This course is reserved for students enrolled in the Finish@UT program. Must have completed 60 credits and the General Education Core requirements.
Course Status: Active
Course Level: Undergraduate (Upper-Division)
Credits: 3

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Course Sections
Campus SemesterSectionStatusView
Fall 2018 (15 wk)87544ActiveReg Closed
Spring 2018 (15 wk)27321ActiveReg Closed
Fall 2017 (15 wk)89915ActiveReg Closed
Spring 2017 (15 wk)29288ActiveReg Closed
Summer Long 2016 (8 wk)54206ActiveReg Closed
Fall 2015 (15 wk)87206ActiveReg Closed
Spring 2015 (15 wk)27238ActiveReg Closed
Fall 2014 (15 wk)88861ActiveReg Closed
Spring 2014 (15 wk)28508ActiveReg Closed