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Course Sections
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Host CampusCampus SemesterCourse CodeSectionTitleStatus
UT ArlingtonSpring II 2017 (8 wk)CRCJ 338523391Women and Crime (Finish@UT)Active
UT ArlingtonSpring II 2017 (8 wk)ENGL 334725546Topics in Multicultural Literatures: The Politics of Beauty (Finish@UT)Active
UT El PasoSpring II 2017 (7 wk)ANTH 430826680U.S.-Mexico Border Society and Culture (Finish@UT)Full
UT El PasoSpring II 2017 (8 wk)CHIC 333924922, 26477Cultural Diversity and Youth: US (Finish@UT)Full
UT El PasoSpring II 2017 (7 wk)CRIJ 130124504Introduction to Criminal Justice IFull
UT El PasoSpring II 2017 (7 wk)CRIJ 232827804Police Systems and Practices (Finish@UT)Full
UT El PasoSpring II 2017 (7 wk)HUMN 330322573Challenges of Modern Culture (Finish@UT)Full
UT El PasoSpring II 2017 (7 wk)PHIL 230624897Ethics (Finish@UT)Full
UT El PasoSpring II 2017 (7 wk)PHIL 332524918Social Philosophy (Finish@UT)Full
UT El PasoSpring II 2017 (7 wk)POLS 231024811, 27765Introduction to PoliticsFull
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